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Project Description

DNJ is a .Net framework aiming to bring the power of JQuery library to Asp.Net and VisualStudio by providing a set of jquery/jqueryUI/plugins webcontrols configurable from VS Designer and making ajax coding easier.
The goal of DNJ is to become a true Web 2.0 .Net Framework.

DNJ project will focus on ease of use and conserving JQuery and .Net developers habits.

The framework is composed of three mains parts (each one represent a separate assembly) :

* DNJ : the core library, this one is implemented within Org.Eurekaa.DNJ.dll, it provide core features to dynamically load jquery scripts and ensure scripts dependencies. It provide the ability to call server side methods from javascript with total transparency (it conserves the namespacing ligic), It also provide an Ajax Extender (like the ajax panel) that uses JQuery to transform any existing asp.Net webcontrol to an Ajax control, but unlike asp.Net ajax panel, the DNJPanel doesn't need any script manager to be present on the page.

* DNJ.UI : the .Net implementation of JQueryUI, this provides all JQueryUI widgets as ASP.Net webcontrols, they are all WYSIWYG, configurable from the designer, they support jquery Settings/Events model and are configurable from the Designer

* DNJ.Ext : this namespace is similare to DNJ.UI but it is used to contain all 3rd party JQuery plugin implementations. the goal is to keep DNJ and DNJ.UI up to date with latest jquery and jqueryui codes while providing plugin developpers the ability to convert their .js plugins into ASP.Net controls easily.

JQueryUI widgets are converted to asp.Net webcontrols configurable from VS Designer, while keeping the resulting markup as clean as possible.

Online demonstrations

Check some demonstrations here


* A codeproject article about DNJ 0.3.5-beta (first public release)
* A codeproject article about DNJ 0.4.0-beta (new features : events ...etc )
* DNJ Official site

Preview of some DNJ.UI webcontrols

DNJ Available Webcontrols in version 0.4.0

DNJTabs contol (DNJ v0.3.5) : Design Time

DNJDatePicker control (DNJ v0.3.5) : Design Time

DNJSlider control with client events support (DNJ v0.4.0) : Design Time

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